Ann Mackey

Thank you for visiting this website and your interest in my art. I live in Reno, Nevada with my husband and two rescue dogs. I find inspiration in the world we live in, nature, and the ocean. Using a variety of mediums, such as; fiber, encaustic, oils, acrylic, and mixed media, I am able to bring versatility, vivid colors and bold textures into my artwork.

Ann Mackey was born in 1974 in Sacramento, California and raised in the surrounding area where she was encouraged to draw and develop her artistic interests. Attending colleges in both Northern and Southern California, Ann was able to explore working in many mediums, such as oil and acrylic painting, along with clay and stone sculpture under many wonderful teaching artists. Finally, deciding to become a teacher herself, Ann graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno where she currently lives with her husband and two rescue dogs. After teaching elementary school for 8 years Ann decided she needed to get back to her artistic roots. In December 2015, Ann found encaustic painting while taking a class at the Nevada Museum of Art. Encaustic began an exploration into mixed media, with a focus on fiber. This lead Ann to begin creating weavings, sinking deeper into texture and color. Exploring techniques and playing with ideas while using a variety of mediums is the foundation of Ann Mackey Arts!