#sketchevent at Atelier Truckee time again!

Watch this quick video to get a peek into my sketchbook!

To get a closer look into my sketchbook, as well as all the other participants, head to Atelier Truckee. The gallery opening is March 31, 5-7 pm, the sketchbooks will be on display during the month of April! I really enjoyed the challenges and new ideas that participating in this sketchbook challenge brought to me. 

Hope you enjoy my website update, with newly added encaustic/mixed media work! I've also added a direct link to my Etsy shop, just click the shop link and it gets you right there! Reno friends wanting to shop, just contact me and I will take care of the shipping.

Happy Spring!


New Things! Arts and Crafts!

Hi! Long time no blog,

I recently set up both an Etsy shop and a way to purchase some of my creations on this site as well! I'm really excited about sharing the things I make with others who appreciate them. I'm starting small, but will be adding more soon! It's good to share and allows me space to make more stuff, my 800 square foot house can only hold so much! Thanks again to everyone for the support you give me! I have lots to learn both creatively and about commerce, oh man! 

Make sure to visit and FAVORITE my Esty shop so you can see the listings I've posted!


So, for 21 days in March, Atelier and their artistic friends have posted daily sketchbook prompts on Instagram, where all the participants were encouraged to post their art using the hashtag #sketchevent. If you use Instagram I encourage you to check it out, it's so fun to see all the different interpretations based on a single idea.

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Finding My Way Back

I've put on my invisible princess crown of privilege and am at 40, going back to my 20-year-old self and bringing art back into my daily life. So in a way, I'm finding my way back to myself, but a much smarter and stronger version, with an internet connection!

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