Finding My Way Back

My entire life I have always made some type of art. It's an outlet that I have entirely enjoyed even when I was frustrated or challenged by it. I didn't go to art school but have taken many, many classes and did early on in my community college career declare art as my major. I eventually realized that I wanted health insurance and some type of stable income. I became an elementary school teacher and got the insurance and income, got married, bought a house. I was a responsible adult.  I enjoyed my career and I was good at it, for about a decade. But the art spot in my soul was neglected and longing to be a part of my life again. So with the encouragement and support from my husband and family I decided to stop teaching and pursue the things that fulfill me. I've put on my invisible princess crown of privilege and am at 40, going back to my 20-year-old self and bringing art back into my daily life. So in a way, I'm finding my way back to my younger self, but a much smarter and stronger version, with an internet connection!