Encaustics: Love at First Sight

I love to paint. There is something about mixing colors on my pallet that brings me joy for hours. “Wow, look at the colors I've made!”

I love sculpture. There is something about trying to solve the puzzle of building a piece of art using found objects or clay that brings me joy for hours. “Wow, look at how that stuff came together (using power tools is fun)!”

Color and texture that is a huge part of the joy for me. For some reason, those two things are very interesting to my brain.


I took my first Encaustics class at the Nevada Museum of Art in early December 2015. Jess Weems was the instructor and taught us how to layer hot-pigmented wax onto the wooden board and fuse each layer with a heat gun. My brain thought “what! I can paint and use power tools! No way!” Then we learned how to include paper and photos into our encaustic pieces. My brain said “what! I can paint and stick stuff into it, too! I think this might be love.”

I came home from that class glowing. This was MY kind of art. I can see so many opportunities in using this medium; my only limitations are within my own imagination. I have so much to learn, but it's the most fun and experimental learning that I get to do! Yay!